The Canadian Electrical Utilities Project Management Network (CEUPMN) has partnered with the Construction Sector Council to establish a system for tracking major utility capital and maintenance projects across Canada.

The tracking system is a secure on-line database that is only accessible by participating owner clients via a unique username and password. Only specified users within a company will have access to detailed individual project information. The specified users will be responsible for entering and updating information for their projects.

A Getting Started Guide is provided to illustrate the process for requesting a username/password and entering data.

Only aggregate information will be used to summarize Canadian labour force demand requirements for current and anticipated utility projects. Provincial information will be available provided there are a sufficient number of projects to conceal individual project detail. Users will not have access to individual project information unless access has been assigned by the owner company.

Please see the Contacts section for more information.

The CEUPMN is a strategic steering committee established to discuss and advance solutions to project management policy and practice issues; and to share and learn from each other. Key objectives:
  • To share best and innovative project management practices, and associated support tools
  • To identify common project management practice issues of importance and discuss potential solutions
  • To encourage interaction with those practicing outside of BCTC and BC Hydro
  • To share key project management lessons learned and long term future plans for the discipline
  • To support collaborative research on relevant topics
  • To provide informal collegial support for each other as leaders in project management
  • To encourage a mentoring culture within the discipline in our respective organizations
  • To raise the profile of project management and to seek ways to increase the value of the practice to the company